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Deer Zoo

Halfway through the week nobody was feeling weak – on the contrary, there was a hive of activity here on the farm. Though we tried to channel our little bees’ energies towards the classroom they kept buzzing off in all directions. Well, not everyone is a worker bee but we enjoyed seeing them express themselves and seeking out creativity in their own way.

The baby snakes made baby snakes and finger puppets, revised the names of farm animals, moved to the groove of Hokey Cokey and rested with their dear Deer Zoo and other books.

Jo and Mahsa from Old MacDonald's Farm taught their group the famous hit song, ‘Old MacDonald’, which they then sang together with their handmade badges on, taking turns in the spotlight! They also visited the donkey named Perla and brushed her luscious locks.

The older meerkats warmed up by learning how to draw a sheep and a cow step by step, colouring in their masterpieces and categorising their favourite animals into groups depending on their habitats.

We finished the day together snacking on delicious brownie and having a drink in the shade under the trees!

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