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Ripest peaches

At the farm school today, the younger children set off right away to water all the rows of fruits and vegetables in the garden. They were so pleased to see that finally there are some lovely red tomatoes growing from the tomato vines. The group collected as many potatoes as they could find.

The older group went to the kitchen to create some empanadas. They made the dough together. Judit kneaded it and then the group made several of their empanadas with a filling of cheese and onion. The group went to do their share of gardening they collected some more potatoes and some fresh strawberries. Then the group headed towards the peach trees to pick the ripest peaches to eat. They were yummy. The older children went to the animals, they had donkey rides from Perla and then they went to check on the goats. The older children had the bigger challenge in trying to give as many leaves to Blanket by feeding him the dead leaves that were on the ground. He was a very happy goat by the time they left.

At the same time, the younger children were busy by collecting as many chicken eggs as they could find and they also had donkey rides with Perla. Once they had finished, it was their turn to do some cooking. They made some delicious chocolate biscuits.

As there were few people in the older group today, the two groups joined together to make some spectacular robot puppets. Jan decorated his one very well. Banu’s too ended up looking amazing with her own design.

To end the day, everyone went to the kitchen to feast their eyes on the fabulous empanadas and chocolate biscuits. They tasted just as good as they looked.

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