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Fish art

The younger group of children started today in the garden by planting the onions and watering all the crops. They found some courgette to take home as it was finally ready to pick. The older group of children began their time in the kitchen. Today they decided that they were going to try out a recipe that they wanted to have a go at making for a long time, it was chocolate volcanoes. Cata and Jan tried to have a go at separating the egg yolks which proved to be quite difficult. Joanna stirred the egg till it became properly whisked. The younger group moved on to seeing the animals while the older group visited the garden. The older children checked on the tomato vines to see if they could spot any red tomatoes and then looked at the fruit trees to check how the fruit was doing. They then planted the last onions in the row and for a change they decided to see how the garlic looked by pulling up some bulbs. Everyone wanted to try out the juicy red strawberries. The children in the younger group all took their turn having donkey rides with Perla and collecting eggs. When it was the turn for the older children, they fed Perla some of the garlic that they collected. She seemed to love it. They then checked the pond to see if there were any sign of frogs. When they went to see Blanket, they were able to feed Blanket some hay while standing in his enclosure. The younger group went to the activity room to create their fish art with different coloured pieces of paper for a beautiful scale effect they then went to cook their chocolate cake. Meanwhile the older children practised their scaling by climbing up the wall of the castle. They all cheered each other on and helped each other to reach the top. Then they created their Zentangle patterns and talked in English about the shapes and lines. Cata had a go at introducing herself in English. While completing their patterns the older children enjoyed their chocolate volcanoes and the younger children enjoyed their gooey chocolate cake.

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