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Space Mobiles

Everyone started today at the garden. Adrian and Neil immediately helped to water the garden. As soon as the older children were ready they went to the kitchen to make some delicious beetroot and chocolate brownies. The younger children stayed behind in the garden to water the vegetables and fruits and to collect half a row of potatoes. When they were ready to go to the animals they went to the chicken’s coop to collect the eggs and then they took turns to have donkey rides from Perla.

In the kitchen, everyone added the ingredients to the mixer and helped to pour the mixture into the baking tray. Marc was great at helping to tidy up the counter. As soon as the brownie tray went into the oven. The older children took their turn going into the garden to collect the last potatoes in the row. Gilliam and Marc found the biggest of the hidden potatoes. Everyone did some watering. The older children decided that the strawberries needed weeding so Marc and Aina helped to pull up all the weeds that they could find.

As soon as the older children had completed their time in the garden they made their way to the animals to feed the chickens. They gathered the last two eggs that were hidden away and then they had some donkey rides from Perla. Marc, Aina and Alaix need less help to go on the saddle and balance. As we were leaving the donkeys and the ponies, we discovered that we could collect some milk from Perla.

The younger children went to the activity room to make some brilliant and colourful space mobiles. They coloured in astronauts and rockets nicely. Then they continued to use the space theme when they went cooking. They shaped bread into moons and star shapes to bake.

After the older children visited the goats, they went to the kitchen to collect their brownies. Everyone enjoyed the smell and taste of the brownies. As they had some time, they had a go at playing a new musical instrument they played a beat with plastic tubes. It made a very good sound.

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