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Spring poem

It was great day at summer camp. We began with looking after the animals, the group with Siobhan decided to collect as many eggs as they could find from the chickens. The children tried picking up the chickens for the first time and had a go at feeding the chickens too. Then we went to feed the goats and learn the names of the goats. Arnau quickly made friends with the baby goat called Floquet. Ponaa’s group fed the goats first and went to the donkeys and ponies, Emma gave Perla’s coat a really good brush.

Some of our group went to the vegetable garden, where we picked lots of old spinach. We decided to feed Perla with some of the spinach and Blanket the goat while part of our group checked the cherry and lemon trees. We could see how much the fruit has grown.

After breakfast, we went to the kitchen to make some delicious jam tarts like the ones from Alice in Wonderland. Estel, Ivan and Arlet helped with measuring the ingredients in the mixer. We made the dough and added the jam then afterwards we used a handprint with a poem about spring. Which we decorated with different spring colours and pictures.

In the meantime we all played games like ‘the bomb’, ‘heads up’, ‘ hide and seek’, ‘who has…’ and ‘freeze tag’ we had to learn the instructions in English.

After lunch, we sang the songs ‘ Yellow submarine’, ‘ Eensy Wincy spider’ ‘ Five spotty frogs’ and ‘Alice the camel’ while Siobhan played the guitar some of us strummed the guitar too.

At the end of the day we made some lovely spring greeting cards that had 3D flowers and butterflies on them we wrote spring messages in these for our families.

Today was the first Friday of farm school for many of our students! It was a day full of numerous activities both in and outside of the classroom. Our younger group began their morning in the garden, helping with watering the peppers and the artichokes. Then we made our way over to see the animals and spent time learning the different colors of the chickens and ponies. After spending time with the animals we started our first craft, making sheep on paper with only our hands, paint, and some cotton! After the activity and a breakfast snack, we enjoyed story time together and spent some time exploring the green space before lunch. After lunch, our younger group spent more time with the animals, worked on another crafting activity, and helped bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch. What a fun day under the warm Spring sun!

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