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Harvesting broad beans

We began farm school gathering as many broad beans as we could possibly carry and we worked together well as a team. We filled two barrow loads with beans, they were so heavy to carry back to the kitchen. We also collected some artichokes and Marc found so many juicy strawberries and he was happy to share them with everyone else. After we went to the animals, Marc brushed Perla carefully and Alejandro fed Valentin, while the others made sure that the hens were fed.

Afterwards, we visited the goats and said 'hello' to Floquet and we fed the goats and sheep some weeds. We also gave Blanket his favorite food. Guillem painted a beautiful background on his silhouette picture of a sunny horizon with a blue sea, he used silhouettes of sea animals to complete his amazing picture. We also played some games at the trampoline and Marc climbed the tree like a professional climber. We got hungry so we decided to go to the kitchen and cook some yummy dark chocolate chip cupcakes, we poured and measured the ingredients carefully and took the spoons and filled the cupcake cases. While we were waiting for them to cook we unshelled some broad beans

Harvest day! Today our groups worked together to harvest large amounts of the broad beans in the garden. After harvesting the beans, the group of young one helped peel the beans before cooking seasoned bread with Siobhan.While we waited for the bread to cook, we spent time on our activity of the day, painting sunset silhouette pictures! We finished the day eating our bread and jumping on the trampoline.

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