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Stars and galaxies

Today was just another beautiful sunny day at the farm. We started by reading “Aliens” and while we admired the beautiful illustrations and galaxies of the book we decided to make our own galaxies. We took some empty jars and added layers of cotton to the bottom of the jar. After, we added the colors that we liked along with glitter and water. And we decorated the lids with more glitter and stars. We thought that they looked very lovely in the sun and the colors we chose reminded us of unicorns and ice cream. After letting the jars dry in the sun we went in the kitchen to make some peanut butter cookies. We poured all the ingredients and we couldn't resist tasting the peanut butter with our fingers a little bit. While our cookies were in the oven we ran to feed the animals. Cata, Judit and Sara got to ride Perla while Joana was feeding her. We couldn't wait to taste the cookies so we went to check if they were ready. One tray of cookies had burnt because we were careless and didn't check the high temperature, luckily we had two more and they were perfectly golden. We melted some milk chocolate and dipped the cookies there, they were delicious. After eating the cookies we went to play at the trampoline and climb the tree. Today Sara and Cata were the brave ones of the group, they climbed fearlessly to the top while Judit who was already on top was helping and encouraging them.

Today the young ones started the afternoon in the garden. After watering the plants, we made our way over to the strawberry patch where the berries were red and ready to pick! After picking strawberries and harvesting a few artichokes, we made our way over to see the animals. The next part of the afternoon involved collecting eggs and spending time with the animals. We spent the last part of our afternoon making vegan banana oatmeal bars and then crafting stars out of construction paper. At the end of the day our young learners were able to try a new snack and leave with their own stars!

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