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A beautiful sunny day

Today at the farm we enjoyed a bright blue sky and the lovely sunbeams that we had all missed. The soil was dry so we started by watering the vegetable garden, we all filled our watering cans and carefully poured water to the peppers, broad beans and lettuce. We all shared the work, Alehandro made sure that lettuce was perfectly taken care of while Marc watered the broad beans and Aleix the peppers. Today we also found that more strawberries were blooming and others had turned red. We were picking strawberries surrounded by a sea of green, we tried some and they were so sweet and appetizing.

After the garden we went to feed the chickens and Perla. Marc went inside the chickens' pen and served them their food. Some of us got to ride Perla.

After taking care of the animals we washed our hands and got ready for cooking. We made pancakes and enjoyed eating them outside in the sun. After our snack we went in the crafts room and continued with our robot theme for the week. Today we made a vampire robot that Aleix and Sara called “The black vampire”. After finishing our robots we danced and sang along to “The hokey pokey” and went outside at the trampoline to play the “What's Up” game where we had to guess our cards attached to our forehead by asking questions. It was fun because we were all laughing at each others cards because we couldn't see our own.

We ended our day by enjoying some of the chocolate chip cookies that Brad and his group of the little ones had made while we were trying to climb the tree and encouraging Judit who was constantly trying. Fianlly, Aleix helped Judit climb it, she was very brave and she finally overcame her fear.

Our youngsters spent the beginning of the afternoon with the animals. Maria went riding on Bella while others like Elsa and Jordi helped collect eggs from the chicken coop. Newcomer Nil also helped by feeding straw to the animals and everyone had a chance to feed the chickens as well.

After spending time with the animals, we then headed to the garden. With the sun shining brightly the dry soil needed attention, so everyone took turns watering the plants. After watering the plants Jordi led the charge to harvest more artichokes that continue to flourish in the garden. Then Maria walked the children through the peach trees to show how they are coming out of hibernation and beginning to flower!

After spending time in the garden, our young team of learners went into the classroom to read “Granny Gadget” and work on crafting robots out of egg cartons, yarn, bottle caps, and other recycled materials.

The final part of our day was spent baking chocolate chip cookies together. Everyone took turns mixing ingredients and helped to create one giant cookie. While we waited for our cookie to bake, we finished constructing and painting our robots. At the end of the day all of our young ones went home with the robot they made, and also with an artichoke from the garden!

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