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Granny Gadget

Today the clouds were racing by the farm school, luckily they weren't rain clouds and we had a wonderful day. We started by cutting artichokes and we learned that artichokes are very healthy and they contain a lot vitamins. We continued filling our baskets with broad beans and spinach and we were counting everything that we collected. We also found four beautiful strawberries but we have to be more patient for the others to turn red. After checking on the vegetable garden we picked some weeds to go and feed Perla. Judit, Sara and Alex got to ride Perla while Siobhan was feeding her. At the same time we fed the chickens and filled a huge basket full of eggs. We played with the chickens and after cleaning our hands we sat down to eat our breakfast. After breakfast we visited Floquet and Cheesepuff who loves our hugs and we fed the sheep. Today we also made flapjacks and we all got a turn in pouring in the ingredients. While we were waiting for them to bake we went inside and Gimena read to us a story called Granny Gadget, the story speaks about a grandmother who builds a robot and after the story we all made our own robots with different boxes and colors. Julia's robot was yellow, Tony's robot had a red eye and Judit's robot was grey with blue bottle cap eyes. We put our materials back in the cupboard and we all sang a song around the fireplace called Yellow Submarine. After, Brad told us that flapjacks were ready and we went to taste them. They were delicious. We ended the day with our favorite game at the trampoline called “The egg game”

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