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The buny tale

It is the third day of Easter camp. We have been lucky today with the beautiful weather.

The red group started to help with looking after the animals while the blue group went to the vegetable garden. The blue group are expert gardeners, they got on with planting a row of onions at record speed. The team knew straight away that they had to water the onions and some of the onions that they had already planted but they left some watering for the red group to do. Meanwhile, the red group worked together as a team too. They gathered lots of eggs and taught each other how to pick up the chickens.

For a treat today, the blue group had the chance to visit the goats. Blanket, the billy goat, let us have the opportunity to see Floquet. We could not spend very long there though because Blanket wasn’t used to there being so many new people. Blue group had the chance for the first time this week to see the chickens. They checked if there were any eggs left over and practised carefully picking up and holding the chickens.

After farming, we had a go at making some bread for ourselves. We kneaded and made our own fun and interesting shapes. Alejandro made a great snowman shape. Eric made a plaited shape. Lots of people were making some swirly shapes as well. Many us decided we would eat our bread rolls with our delicious lunch. Yum yum!

Next we painted or made mosaic Easter eggs. Julia’s egg looked superb with lots of blocks of colour as was Martí, Silvia and Claudia’s eggs with lots of colourful lines.

As we had the lovely weather, we enjoyed playing out doors more. Some of us had an adventure with climbing up high on the castle. We played tag and Hide and go seek. Jaume was brilliant for looking after the children from red group. He showed a lot of responsibility.

Siobhan played guitar before lunchtime. She was very impressed by the children acting out the words for Incy Wincy Spider. Laia, Nicolas and Silvia joined in. Later on, we had a story read to us by Siobhan it was called the bunny tale. Siobhan needed our help to count how many eggs the wolf and bunny had lost. Jana did some amazing acting, she pretended to be the wolf in the story. Jordi joined in too. Txell and Aneu were fabulous at spotting the hidden animals in the story.

Near the end of the day we made some sweet quesadillas for a snack. We made these with pancakes, chocolate spread and banana. Sara and Judit had the chance to cook some till they were lightly toasted. We also did some face painting. Siobhan recruited Sara Judit and Andrea to paint faces as there was such a queue. They were wonderful artists. They impressed everyone by painting a tiger face on Arnau, a robot face for Aneu, a turtle for Blai and We saw many convincing ghouls walking around too.

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