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Easter cards

Hooray! It is the start of the Easter Camp. What a busy start to the morning!

We all arrived and went to get our tags. We all wrote our names and found out which colour group we were in, some of us were red and some of us were blue. Once we collected the tags we went play some games outside.

Children in the red group went to see the animals, collect the eggs and feed the animals. While children in blue group went to the vegetable garden to plant some tomatoes and water the new shoots, then they went to check the fruit trees.

After breakfast, the blue group helped to make some labels for the vegetable garden. We went to the animals, Vinyet, Aleix, Milan, Judit and Sara rode on Perla. Afterwards, the blue group started their Easter cards while it was the red groups turn to play out door games with the teachers. The cards turned out looking fantastic! Andrea did a funny card with some cute chicks and bunnies. We really liked Jaume’s card decorations.

Then it was red groups turn to do their bunny cards, Gerard and Esther did a brilliant one, he did all his card by himself without much help. The blue group played some ball games out doors.

The blue group worked very well together to prepare the table for lunch time. The red group were ready to sings songs while some of us went home. We were excited to eat our lunch which was cooked by our new chef Manel. His food tasted delicious.

Siobhan read the story, “I would like to keep it” Txell loved listening to what happened to Hoppy the rabbit. Lola didn’t want to give the rabbit away.

We had time to make some lovely strawberry jam tarts. While waiting for our tarts to cook, some of us made our friendship bracelets. We learned how to follow a pattern. We will finish our bracelets tomorrow. It was soon time to eat our tarts which were very popular. See all of you tomorrow!!

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