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Rainbow fish

It was the last day for Alana today, she joined us last year as a teacher and she is sadly leaving us to go back to England. We will miss her but wish her the best for her future. Hopefully she will visit us again, someday.

We began our day with planting the potatoes and onion. We pulled up the radishes and some onions. They had grown so big. Gina collected many to put in the basket. Jordi was watching the strawberries and noticed the bright red one growing. Sergi helped water all the vegetables and fruits. Luca found a bright red ladybird and butterfly.

When we fed the chickens, Aneu finally managed to catch the fast black hen with the help of Josh. Then Mae rode Perla with such confidence, she is a brilliant horse rider.

We made some cookies that were a little oily but turned out very delicious. Asier and David created some wonderful cookies. We thought about sea shapes, thinking of the creatures that live under the sea. There were some octopi and boats.

We all got busy with making our papier mache fish, we used layers and layers of cut up newspaper to stick on our balloons with gooey watery glue. Then we hung them outside to dry in the warm sunshine. When they are ready they will be tough and hardened so that next week we should be able to paint them.

As soon as we hung the balloons out, we stayed outside to play an exciting of sharks, Jordi and Josh began as the sharks and chased and captured the little fish. Well done to Judit and Sara for being the cleverest little fish, they were caught last by the hungry sharks.

As the day was so lovely we sat outside and sang the songs. Judit helped with the actions and Aneu and Txell helped people read the words and turn the pages. We all sang five little spotted frog just like the spotted frog that Luca brought to the school today.

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