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Baby goat

Today has been a very exciting day, Xispa had a baby!

But before we got to see the new baby we went to the vegetable garden. Firstly, we planted some onions, Gerard and Aneu planted them really quickly! After, we had to water them to ensure they grow really big, Aliex and Ivan were really helpful and helped water them. Ivan also used the hose to water all of the garlic, as there are now lots of plants and we need some extra help! We then looked at the beans to see how big they’re getting and they’re almost ready to be picked.

We then went to see the donkeys, ponies and chickens! Where all the new children got to meet them for the first time and even got to ride Perla. Perla was very good and let all the children ride her. Judit, Sara and Alex rode Estrella too! Jared, Jordi, Txell and Aneu went and collected the eggs, and place them in the basket! There were lots and lots of eggs today, which meant we were able to make a yummy cake later in the day.

It was finally time to go and meet the new arrival here at Casa Nostra! All the children were so excited to go and meet the baby goat! The children were very good at being quiet so we didn’t scare the mother or baby. They were all very lucky and were able to stroke the baby, he was very soft. Judit even managed to hold the baby. They children enjoyed watching the baby learn to walk.

After breakfast it was time to start the arts and crafts activity, we made a rocket window! The children had to paint the paper black to look like sky. Then we coloured in a planet, rocket