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Leaves collage

It’s a new Year for the farm school, Happy New Year! We began the morning by doing a lot of work in the vegetable garden. We planted the new crop of potatoes, we had to plant these carefully so that they would grow properly. Maria and Gina were very quick at planting these and making sure they were put in the soil the right way up. We collected the last batch of potatoes to take home for later. It was as exciting as finding treasure when we dug for the potatoes. Luca was very good at finding the places to look for them.

Then in the vegetable garden we decided to pick some cauliflower, David and Asier used all their strength to pull them up from the ground. Before we left to feed the animals, we collected some spinach to take home too. Aneu was very good at pulling the spinach up on her own.

After our breakfast, we made some sweet pizza dough. We rolled and flattened the dough then made letter shapes. Tx­ell and Jan carefully decorated theirs. After that we sprinkled oil and sugar on top and left our pizza dough rise and cook in the oven.

Once we finished we picked up a lot of different leaves, twigs and colourful flowers to make a collage picture of animals. Mae did a lovely owl picture and some of us did owls, monsters and elephants. Some of us added a background to the pictures with colouring pencil.

After tidying up, Alana read the story ‘No-butt robot.’ It was a funny book about the robot who kept losing parts of his body like his bottom and hand. We enjoyed listening to Alana read while we all sat on the trampoline.

When it got close to home time, we played a circle game where we had to hide the ball. The people who were chosen to guess did a very good job at guessing who was hiding the ball it was tricky. They were great detectives!


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