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Olaf, the snowman

Today we started the day off by watering all the vegetables in the vegetable garden we collected some lovely red radishes. Jordi picked the most to put in the basket. Blanca enjoyed smelling the fresh vegetables that we collected. They smelt delicious!

We visited the donkeys and ponies. Perla was behaving very cheeky today. We also visited the chickens and ducks. Àneu helped collect four eggs today and David enjoyed catching the chickens.

Then we visited the goats and the sheep. Aleix showed off his rodeo skills by staying on the back of a sheep. He managed to balance and stay on the whole way round the pen. It was amazing!

Next, we made our snowmen, they looked just like Olaf from the film ‘Frozen’. It took some time to weave the wool to make the body of the snowman but then when they were finished the snowmen looked fantastic. Gerard’s snowman had a lovely blue scarf.

To end our day, we sought the special treasure by following the clues. We travelled all around the farm seeking the clues and at the end we put all the clues together to spell out the secret hiding place which was up in the tree. We ate our treasure which was crisps and chocolates. Delicious!

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