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Snowman and Santa Cards

Today was the start of the Winter camp at Cosa Nostra. We were excited to begin our day with watering the vegetables. We picked the ripe cauliflower and carried them back to the kitchen in our baskets to cook for our delicious lunch.

Then we used the cauliflower leaves and weeds to feed Perla and Valentina. They were happy to let the children go for a ride. Next we went to see the chickens and ducks and we picked them up and held them, some of those chickens were too fast to catch. Today the chickens have laid four eggs. We prepared the wheelbarrow and feeding buckets to pay a visit to see the goats and sheep. Blanket and Xispa let the children pet them.

After we fed animals we got ready to have our breakfast. We made sure we washed our hands and sat outside in the warm sun to eat.

By eleven o’clock we were ready to do some activities, we played games such as ‘Hide and seek’, ‘Simon says’ and ‘sharks’. Later, we made some snowman and Santa cards to take home for later.

When we finished making our cards, we tidied up and sang songs such as ‘Jingle bells’, ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’, ‘Five little Spotted frogs’ and ‘London Bridge’. Siobhan played the guitar while we all sang. Sara and Judith were helping with the words.

We all helped together to get the table ready for our lunch of sausage, cauliflower bake and salad. For our desert we had yoghurt and Neules, Hmmm! It was all tasty!! After our meal we helped tidy away everything and played some more activities ‘hedgehogs’ and ‘heads down, thumbs up!’ We decided to make some tasty chocolate chip cookies.

While we waited for our cookies to cook it was time to go home.

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