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Feet painted

Hello and welcome back to Granja Escola Casa Nostra! Today’s group have been through a very interesting evening, here’s where you can read all about it…

We started the day by picking some really healthy looking vegetables. We chose the finest cauliflowers, and dug for potatoes. The potatoes were a fun challenge, we’d have to pick each plant and then dig deep for the vegetables- Bruna, Joanna and Joan made a great effort, and Jordi found an enormous potato! We also got to keep all the lovely leaves for the Donkeys and Ponies. We really do spoil them with the finest cuisine!

Whilst Perla had a munch on her leaves, we started to get her ready for riding. Guile had a really good ride, whilst Judit acted as a guide to Banu and some others, whilst they rode together. Meanwhile, we checked for eggs to take safely to the kitchen. Then, as always, we fed the goats some of their favourite hay, and watched them run around trying to get the biggest mouthful!

We had a great painting challenge today, not for the faint hearted- as this challenge included having your feet painted with a tickle brush before using them to make a picture! We did some great pictures of Santa and his reindeers, and all wrote merry christmas together.

During a short power cut, we had hardly any light, but kept our spirits high by singing and listening to stories! Everyone left with some lovely potatoes, cauliflowers, and fresh dough to make some bread at home. Thanks everyone and see you next week!

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