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Collecting spinachs

This afternoon has been festive, fun and energetic, with lots to show from a great day!

We are all very much looking forward to Christmas, and today it really showed. We were singing christmas songs right from the start! Whilst farming, of course. We watered all the plants and vegetables, and took the opportunity to collect some nice full spinach. We picked one each to take home for a nice healthy dinner. We also inspected the fruit tree area, as we have a cheeky intruder... a mole! We looked at all the mole hills and even moved some of the dirt to look underneath, they have a whole network going on underground, quite a sophisticated System! Hopefully they won´t eat any of our vegetables, only worms.

Today we collected some delicious plants and flowers to feed the donkeys and ponies, then went in to the chicken enclosure. Todays aim was to get all the chickens and ducks to bed nice and early (after we collected a few eggs). For the first time ever, we managed to get them all in together! They looked very snug and cosy. Todays top chicken and duck catchers have to be Guillem, Aleix, Judit, Sara and a special mention to Sergi, who managed to carry some really big ducks! Everyone else did a great job helping the animals inside. They had plenty of food to eat too, and I´m sure they´ll have a nice sleep.

After feeding teh goats and sheep, we got into the outdoor kitchen to make some lovely fresh bread in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some people made letters to go with their names, others made shapes, some people made theirs look like a croissant!