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Some celery

Today has been a very busy and eventful day here at the farm! We started off by watering all the plants, we had to make sure that we watered the garlic lots so they would start to grow. After, Sarah, Maria and Jordi used the watering pipe to water the artichokes, they´re really big now! All the children then picked the celery, they had so much fun! We also smelt them and counted how many we picked. Before we headed off to the animals we picked lots of weeds for Perla, Valentine, Estrella and Violeta.

When we got to the animals, we went and stroked the chickens but first we had to catch them. Guillem was really good at catching the chickens so everyone could stroke them. Perla gave most of the children a donkey ride, she´s starting to walk really fast now! Elsa and Sarah got on at the same time and thought it was fantastic! After seeing all the animals, we had a play in the garden. The children jumped really high on the trampoline and enjoyed counting how many times we jumped.

After, we came to the classroom and started our finger puppets there were lots of amazing creations! The children had so much fun cutting, sticking and making their animals! There were pigs, horses, donkeys and lots more. After, the children were really excited and wanted to sing ´Jingle Bells´. Eventhough it´s early, the children had lots of fun!

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