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Finger puppets

Even though it was very cold here at Casa Nostra today, we still had lots of fun! We started the evening off by watering all the vegetables, there are so many here now! After, we then planted some more onions, the children enjoyed smelling and counting them all. Gina had lots of fun using the pink watering can to water all the beans. Banu and Joan dug lots of fun and had a fantastic time!

After, we went and said hello to all the animals. The children went and looked to see if there were any eggs, they counted 4! Guillem and the other children went and collected the weeds and gave them to Perla, Valentine, Estrella and Violeta. They enjoyed the weeds lots!

We then came and made finger puppets using a sewing machine and felt. The children drew the body and then cut it using scissors. The sewing machine was then used to sew the two pieces together. All the children´s creations were excellent! Gina and Banu made a pig, Cata made a duck, Bruna made a chicken, Sarah and Judit made Perla and Guillem made a bear.

To end the evening, we all sang the song ´London Bridge Is Falling Down´, the children sang it beautifully. We also played the game to when singing it which made it even more fun! Which consisted of 2 using their arms as bridge, whilst the other children ran underneath. Also, we played an exciting game of ´Simon Says´. Where we touched our toes, eyes, ears, heads and bellys. We also jumped like frogs, hopped on one foot, span in a circle and sat down.

Today we had so much fun, we can´t wait to see you all next week!

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