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Plasticine toy animals

This evening we spent the afternoon first watering all of the plants in the vegetable garden with our watering cans. We picked beans, (which have now grown so big!) to take home with us. We placed all the beans in Guillem basket, for us to take home later! Following this, we pealed our garlic cloves and put them in a basket to carry to the garden to plant. Judit carried the basket with all the cloves of garlic in and handed it to all the other children. We all had a turn at planting and then watering the garlic cloves in the freshly turned soil.

After this, we picked long grass to feed the donkeys and ponies. We had great fun feeding them and stroking them whilst some of us spent time chasing the chickens and ducks. We then picked up a handful of hay /straw each to take to the sheep and goats. We had lots of energy so we ran up to the sheep / goats quickly up the hill – they were very happy to be fed by us! We then discovered a very beautiful (but sly) rooster walking around freely in the sheep/goat pen. Afterwards, we ran down to the outdoor kitchen, washed our hands and took turns to make the cookie mixture. When it was finished, we poured the mixture into the cookie trays and watched Josh put it in the hot over to bake. Maria and Elsa had lots of fun sprinkling the chocolate over the cakes!

Whilst our cakes were baking, we went into the outdoor classroom and made plasticine toy animals, made out of all different colours. Josh, Alana and Emma showed us there examples and helped us with our models. We made hedgehogs, snakes, tortoises, bears, lizards, horses, penguins, pigs and (not so animal-like) snowmen, to name just a few. Everyone´s animals were fantastic, especially Julia´s horse! After having fun doing this, Alana read us a story whilst we sat on the sofas. We then all sat on the wooden benches and sang/ acted “row-row-row-your-boat”.

We then put our boots and shoes back on and went back up to the garden kitchen to take our steaming muffins out of the oven! The smelt very tasty! Some of us who couldn´t wait ate ours immediately, whilst some of us put them in tin-foil to save for later. We then all collected our plasticine animals to take home too. A great evening spent on the farm with friends!

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