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Hand printed flowers

A new week at the farm school means new things to learn as well as new fun to be had, and today was no exception- what another great group we´ve had today!

As everyone was keen to see what the vegetable garden had to offer, we headed straight down eager to grow some great veg. Today we had some aromàtic onions along with some crunchy cauliflower. We took it in turns to dig the holes and fit the vegetables in perfectly before covering and securing them with the soil. Guillem, Judit and Sara took care of nearly the whole garden when it came to watering- there were plenty of happy plants by the time they finished! We also noticed how the plants have grown since last week, which has made us all very excited for when they are ready. Everyone joined in with diferent tasks and worked really well as a team to water the swiss chard, potatoes, green beans, artichokes, peppers and onions. Any nearby farmers would have been jealous had they have looked and seent he hard work being done at Casa Nostra!

After the vegetables we had some important interaction and time spent with the animals. We´re happy to see that the new ponies are settling in and becoming more comfortable being around everyone. The donkeys, as ever, are very confident and keen to give us a ride (in return for some treats!) and today was no exception. Bruna, for her first time on Perla, looked like she´s done it a hundred times, quite the pro! Joan, Juno and the group helped to collect the eggs, we must have had twenty today, maybe a new record! The chickens also had a good feed and everyone managed to look at the big ones and small ones along with the ducks as well. Afterwards, we made sure the goats were happy as well by giving them lots of nice fresh grass from the garden.