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Planting spinachs

Today at casa Nostra we met lots of new children and were able to show them all the fun things to do here! Luckly, the rain had stopped just before the day started however it left lots of puddles which were great for jumping in! Arnau was making some really large splashes in the water by jumping really high.

The first activity of this morning was planting lots of onions and spinach in the vegetable garden,

where the children enjoyed placing the onions in a hole and then burying it with mud. The children also counted how many onions they had planted as well as what colours they were. Maria and Gina especially had fun counting all the onions! Once we had finished planting, all the children got the opportunity to water all the vegetables including potatos, lettuces, beans and many more.

After the vegetable garden, we went straight to the animals where the new children were able to meet all the animals. Firstly, they went into the chicken´s to say hello and collect their eggs. The children counted 4 eggs! After, most of the children had a donkey ride, they all had so much fun even including Perla!

Later, the children made a duck for their arts and crafts activity. They enjoyed cutting, sticking and glueing. Once the children had finished, some of them went outside to bake buns with Saoirse. They had a fantastic time making and smelling the cakes, they smelled delicious! David, Asier, Arnau and Jordi stayed inside and played with the parachute, where they were asked to go and sit on a certain colour. They were all really quick!

Towards the end, the children played hide and seek and then all sat and listened to a story called Goldlocks and the 3 bears. After, we learned about colours and shapes, collected the peppers we had picked and the buns we had made and it was home time! A happy and fun day was had by all!

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