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Teradactyl peg dinosaurs

Well, we have made some amazing teradactyl peg dinosaurs this morning which we had an even better time flying! They provided us with endless hours of fun. Continuing our dinosaur theme, the older children made real leaf prints to decorate their papier mache dinosaur eggs with and we all had a great time drawing and collaging even more scary dinosaurs. Iona and Pau even made glittery baby dinosaurs hatching from eggs.

Sara, Judit and Amaia were super sporty today. In preparation for our Olympic theme week here at Casa Nostra, they have undertaken some seriously energetic training. They are determined that they are going to win their races and are already really excited about the games that we have started to plan for the children to play on the week commencing the 17th August. We cannot wait!

After lunch we settled down to enjoy reading the new storybooks that arrived today. Jordi and Iona were fantastic at spotting the yellow duck that was hiding in the drawings on every page. Pau really liked looking at the pictures in the science story book about solids, liquids and gases too.

Our afternoon snack today was a true Casa Nostra favourite - yummy sweet pizza dough! Just what we all needed to re-energise ourselves after a fun-filled day.

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