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Let's Celebrate

Early years

We had a great week! Our topic for this half term is, 'Let's Celebrate’ and for November we are learning about Diwali, the Hindu New Year or ‘Festival of Light’. It is very interesting as there are such things as candles, fireworks, rangoli patterns and henna to explore and we have enjoyed creating colourful candles and artwork using different media. Our theme for PSED is, 'Kind Hands, Kind Feet and Kind Words. We have been doing activities and singing songs to forge our friendships. We are learning about using our bodies and words kindly with each other.


In Primary this week we have been thinking about the information we find written around us on notices and posters. We have made our own posters for putting up around the school, with messages to remind us about being quiet or wiping our feet. We have had a chance to experiment with making colours from primary colours and we have begun the big project of decorating our street flags for Christmas. We have one in each of the foreign languages spoken by some of our pupils, such as Lithuanian, Swedish and French!

In mathematics, we have been focusing on developing our number understanding, particularly in spoken form with all students practicing some number games based around the times tables. We’ve also been working hard on our number lines and sequencing of repeated numbers. The focus this term is our 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s.


In English we have been looking at the media and thinking about things such as bias, why we follow the news, and why good news seems so hard to come by!

In Mathematics this week students have been working on their independent learning skills, focusing on where to find answers of questions in relation to their work in order to become lifelong learners. Focuses this week in mathematics have been fractions, decimals and graph plotting depending on the year level.

Sciences this week have covered a variety of topics, including forces in physics, the human skeletal system in biology. This will fit nicely into an upcoming excursion for the school… Many students seemed to be shocked at the number of bones in the human body and how muscle movement works.

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