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Project presentations

Early years

We've had a great week! We've been looking at the changes in the season! We have been exploring the outside world and learning about what happens in nature when Autumn comes. We have done some art projects using raw materials and have been reading stories about windy Autumn days and what fun we can have playing with the leaves!

We are also very excited to perform our song about 'Five Little Ducks’ tomorrow at our first monthly Project Presentation.

Year 1 &2

It’s been a busy week! We’ve continued looking at addition and subtraction in Maths, consolidating our counting and number bond knowledge. In Literacy we’ve been looking at a story called Dogger by Shirley Hughes and of course we’ve been practising our presentations. Our plants have grown a lot since the first week, and we are learning how to record and show this information in a table and in a graph. It’s quite tricky! We also had a great time with Cristina this week making masks for our show costumes.


What a wonderful week! Full of surprises. With a fantastic finish. At the beginning of the week, we covered the usual subjects. Then our new interactive geography and history platform received it’s launch. Meaning that the students can access the worksheets, video, learning and interactive quizzes. The students finished their projects to show the parents on Friday. “The Brain”, “London”, “Loch Ness”, “Dog Training” and much more…. They then went on to do their presentations ad-libbing and using from memory that which was missing. This produced very fluid presentations and included all the team. I was so proud of them. I can’t express in words to what degree they had excelled.

The class team moto is: “Adapt, Improvise and Overcome”. And their credo is: “We Leave No One Behind”. They lived up to their objectives and surpassed them. They have taken the first steps on a long road of learning and a solid foundation of morality, respect and teamwork. As parents, you have given them this wonderful opportunity. I will endeavour to help them continue on this great adventure.

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