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Measuring and estimating

This week, we have been learning about consonant blends. Some words end with two consonants which makes it difficult for us to hear for example kept, jump, left. We practised saying, hearing and writing words with these sounds and we did brilliantly! We will continue with this next week. We’ve also been reviewing our phase 3 sounds on a daily basis and our tricky words. In Maths, we used rulers carefully to measure small objects and metre sticks to measure larger objects/ distances. The children in Early Years used cubes to measure and we have also been focusing on estimating before we measure. Next week, we will be talking about 2d shapes. As the weather was so lovely on Thursday, we went outside and practised our throwing and catching skills as well as doing some nice, calming yoga. We also played some outdoor games. We’ve begun our Under the Sea topic ready for our visit to the maritime museum and we have been learning a song about a sailor. Our role play area is set up to look like the ocean and we are excited to play in it on Monday!

The older children began their topic on Ratio, in Maths. We used a lot of techniques employed with investigating fractions to solve the problems. We then incorporated our knowledge of ratio to plan a recipe for cooking Apple Crumble. In Literacy, we solidified our understanding of punctuation by playing a game based on Red Light, Green Light, where the children had to travel across the playground in different styles depending on which punctuation mark was shown to them. In our topic lessons we studied Food and Nutrition, particularly looking at how and why different foods are stored differently, and where types of food come from, i.e. plants or animals. To round the week off, the older children once again taught the younger children a range of different activities in our Corners lesson. Finally, we would like to congratulate all the children who took part in our Open Doors event on Saturday. We raised lots of money and had a brilliant time, playing games, making soaps, cooking crepes and enjoying having our faces painted!

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