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Water purification center

The first week back at school after Christmas has meant lots of new changes! The biggest change of all being that the Year 1/2s (and sometimes the reception children) have been making the most out of our upstairs classrooms, learning Phonics, Maths and English in a more focused way. The Year 1/2s have been consolidating their learning of digraphs by learning an action to go with each, practising writing tricky words and also using capital letters for names and to begin sentences. They have been learning the difference between a sound, word and sentence. They have also been using all of these skills to write about their Christmas holidays using adjectives to describe. In Maths, they have been consolidating their knowledge of addition and subtraction using a variety of different methods. They will use these skills to solve problems next week. In EYFS, the children have been practising writing and recognising numbers up to 10. They have been finding numbers hidden in rice, counting using blocks and counters, painting familiar numbers and writing numbers in playdough. They have been learning some simple sounds and using them to identify initial sounds in words. The older children began the week learning about Instructions in Literacy, focusing on features like precise language, imperative verbs and sequencing commands. In Maths we revised Decimals, including how to round numbers to the nearest thousandth, hundredth and tenth. We practiced how to perform Gymnastics routines through a range of different balances in PE. During the week, our school visited the Water Purification Centre in Granollers and learnt all about how the water from our toilets and sinks is purified and cleaned through various filters, ready to go to the river. It was very informative and educational. Finally, in Art, we studied the life and work of Catalonian Artist Salvador Dali, who specialised in Surrealist Art. Surrealism is the portrayal of images through dream-like perspectives. We attempted to replicate some of Dali's most famous pieces, and produced our own Surrealist art pictures.

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