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Last week was only a three day week. We continued our learning in all areas of the curriculum and we went on our first trip to the swimming pool! We were very excited to start swimming lessons and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

This week, we welcomed three new members to our class: Leah, Eva and Elias. In English, We have been writing a recount about our swimming lesson and using Talk for Writing strategies including pictures and actions to help us recite it. In Maths, we continued learning how to add using pictures to help us and we looked at different ways to subtract. We used concrete resources to subtract then moved on to pictorial representations and we also looked at counting backwards to subtract. In Phonics, we have been learning phase two tricky words:

The, I, no, go, to, into

We have also learnt the following sounds:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, o, g, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss

We learnt about magnets, making predictions and discussing why certain objects were attracted to the magnet. we also discussed how magnets can repel as well as attract. We used words such as: attract, repel, magnet, metal and magnetic. For fun, we created pictures and used paper clips to make kites fly across the page and fish swim. We took them home so please have a look for a magnet in the house so we can show you our 'magic' trick!

The older children revised their knowledge of multiples and prime numbers in Maths via the use of hundred squares. We were able to identify lots of different patterns in multiplication.

In Literacy we played speaking games to develop our use of time connectives and conjunctions in preparation for our Newspaper Reports.

In PE we competed in our Olympic Games events whilst developing different techniques in sprinting, jumping and throwing. Congratulations to all the competitors for their various victories!

And in Art, we took advantage of the Autumn weather by making beautiful underwater collages using leaves and twigs collected from the garden.

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