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Family Theme

Today was a fantastic day in granja escola casa nostra.

The first class started the day with the family theme. When they entered to the class we welcomed them with a nice song then we did a nice booklet with words like, daddy, mummy, brother, sister... After that we went out and we picked potatoes in the garden. We baked cup cakes and then we had a nice visit in the animals, the children fed them gently and enjoyed it a lot.

The second class for baking used letter stencils to create each our own names. We dug for potatoes in the garden then gave the vegetables a nice drink. When we visited the animals we found 4 eggs in the chickens! And made sure the rabbits had food and water. In the classroom we created leaf hedgehogs! We collected fallen leaves off the trees and made out picture with them. Then at the end of class we started to practice our song for the end of year performance in June. 'Down in the jungle'

The third class had a theme of nature and man-made stuff. So we started the day with categorising different things in these two big categories. They had loads of vocabularies and pictures that had to cut and stick under correct category.

After that we went to the kitchen and had very nice cookies and then went to the garden and picked courgettes. Later on they had a nice hunting in granja escola about what kind of things are manmade and what kind of things are natural. The finished the day with visiting the animals.

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