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Today, class 1's activities were focusing on patterns and self portraits! They each had a large a3 paper and drew a picture of themselves, focusing on hair, eyes, nose and mouth. The teachers shared that Pau is an amazing artist. His lines were straight and all of his facial features were realistic and accurate. Their next task was to colour in the catapillars body copying the colours the sheet had previously drawn. This involved lots of counting and concentration! During farm time, the children collected the chickens eggs, fed the donkeys, ponys and goats and then went to make cinnamon swirls in the outdoor kitchen! The kids loved to create a swirly shape with the sweet cinnamon dough! Today in class 3, the children were looking at the theme of emotions! They begun by showing me their best impressions, and then creating their own bingo table of labelled pictures from the feelings that we'd been talking about. Through an interesting bit of role play, they had to guess how the actor's were feeling! They enjoyed it a lot, and picked up the language very quickly. Next up, they all had a read of various scenarios and tried to empathise, and imagine how they would react. Some good acting skills within the group, well done kids!

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