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Day and night

Today the youngsters headed to the farm to collect themselves some green, leafy lettuce! Julietta is well adapted and contributing well to the class. After they said a loving hello to our furry friends, they got down to some crafts in the classroom, learning to separate day and night by painting a starry night sky and a gorgeous sunny day! Bernat completed it all in his own, and did a wonderful job! Last of all they all headed over to the kitchen they got their hands nice and sticky by rustling up a delicious flapjack! Today in class 3 the kids had a look at a globe, and indentified countries that they recognised. The boys seemed to know a lot of countries through their love for football; but weren't so sure where they were on the map! We all played an interesting competition, where in groups the kids had to run in turn to a map of the world and memorise where all of the continent's are to put on their own map! It was a challenge but they learnt a lot in the process. Next up, we played a matching game with country and continents, they focused wonderfully and secured their knew knowledge!

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