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Today class 1 revisited the seasons. They explored outside and pointed out the sky and described how it changed throughout the year as well as the trees, plants, and crops. They picked artichokes and said hello to all the animals. In the kitchen they cooked warm cinnamon cookies, Biel was extra helpful today! Back in class they went over how trees change throughout the seasons. The kids traced their hands to make tree trunks and painted around them for each season. They painted snowy trees in the winter, blooming flower trees in the spring, lush green trees in the summer, and red and yellow falling leaves in the autumn. The kids were very excited to trace themselves and use paints. It was a very interactive class! The girls in class 2 started to create a booklet 'all about me' Jo and Rory worked through some questions to ask the girls! Like, how old they were, their favourite food and lots of other questions! They all did brilliantly at answering and writing in English. Today they spent a lot of time watering all the vegetables in the garden making sure they all had a good drink! In the kitchen they baked some delicious chocolate chip cookies, Banu and Aran were very keen to help me to make the cookie dough. Chefs in the making! At the end of the day we had time to do a little song and dance, all the girls sang to the top of their lungs! Today Gabrielles class they decided to go on holiday! The children each made a British passport, complete with a description of themselves. They then made a suitcase, using a 3D net, and attached a luggage tag with the country they wished to visit! Afterwards, they wrote their own checklist for all the things they would need to take on holiday, and we had a great discussion about what experience we would want on our trips! All three of the boys worked hard to complete everything and to write their best in English. In the kitchen, they did something new today... rice pudding! They all enjoyed sitting outside and trying something new.

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