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Little Chicks

Class 1 made Easter cards for the parents! They used yellow paint to finger paint little chicks with their thumbs! It was Martina's birthday so they made chocolate cake and sang her happy birthday. They worked on animals noises and behaviors today and walked around the farm acting like rabbits, chickens, goats, kittens, and more.

Class 2 made bunny ears and carrots ! And just around like bunnies. They went to the garden and picked a bouquet of flowers for everyone's mothers. Then they made little chocolate bird nests with eggs inside!

Class 3 made an Easter bunny box to take home, they created a group poster matching the description of 2d shape and matching their image. They did a competitive game outside where they created 2d shapes out of sticks. The class baked onion bread using onion picked from the farm. They tried to replicate the shapes they covered earlier with the dough! They went for a shape hunt around the farm looking for objects shaped with the 2d shapes covered. They were then challenged to draw the items they found.

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