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Animal kingdom

Today in Casa Nostra we had so much fun. Class one talked a lot about animals and what types of noises they make. They hunted for the biggest cauliflowers and the kids found cauliflower so big they couldn’t even carry them. And did some more pancake activities focusing on colors and ingredients.

Class two in honour of pancake week made pancakes! Then they did a pancake activity booklet which included a word search, matching words to the images, and some themed coloring pictures. Then when the weather got nicer they decided to go outside on a shape hunt! Aina and Àneu did a great job at finding different types of shapes around the farm! Back in the classroom they made their own pan and pancake out of paper plates. Berta and Aina even decided to make the utensils that they used in the kitchen, a spatula and a ladle.

Class three learned about sea fish and mammals, and made a group picture of fish in the sea. Gabby read a story about fish with the students. They picked cauliflowers, petted the baby goat, and made delicious pancakes with lemon and chocolate.

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