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School pancake day

Today is international pancake day! Also known as Shrove Tuesday, it is a day celebrated by many countries around the world, and we celebrated it in school by cooking lots of delicious pancakes with the children.

The children in classes 1 and 2 had lots of fun cooking their own pancakes, and sprinkling them with different toppings.

The children also drew and cut out their own pancakes, and their own frying pans, and practised flipping them in a pancake competition in class!

After all of this fun with the pancakes, we then went to the vegetable garden where we picked delicious cauliflowers and English greens, and the children chose big green, juicy leaves to bring to feed our horse Pearla.

The children fed the horses, goats and chickens, and stopped to look at how our new baby goat, Cookie was. She is really healthy and thriving.

In class 3, the children learnt the reason behind why Pancake day exists. Everybody enjoyed twirling the mix around to create their pancake in the class, and they filled in a worksheet to label the ingredients, and to fill in the missing words for the cooking process,

The children finished the day by bringing their delicious pancakes home to their families.

A great day was had by all.

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