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The first group started the day with physical activity to help memorizing numbers and parts of the body. then they visited animals and went to the garden. after making the pizza they made their own clown masks to remember it's carnival. all kids participated and enjoyed it a lot.

The second group focused on the different emotions like Happy , sad ... and then they acted them out and identified different ones. Aneu and Aina played this game well. they also made carnival masks and wand. Lots of gliter was involved.

The third group carried on looking at animals, but under the sea today. Everybody had a read of some writing about Olley the Octopus, and proved they all understood the English well when we discussed afterwards. Everybody played a nice game in the garden, where the children chose a card and then we had to behave like that sea creature, for examole waddle like a penguin. in the kitchen the children created something healthy, by chopping all sorts to make Humus! Although they were missing the sugar at first they were soon happy to be trying spmething new and munching carrots, too.

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