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Christmas Crackers

Today in class 1 they all sang 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' and made their own reindeer outfits, using their own handprints as antlers! Bernat really impressed the teacher with his how confident and chatty he was today. Pau made a great reindeer and everyone helped the teacher count in English whilst cooking! Today, Jo was treated to her second visit by her whole new class of students! They started off baking where she taught them how to make sweet chocolate bread bread balls. They were all professional pizza makers, I hear! Nice round shapes and extra chocolate inside for good measure! They were then taken to visit Perla, our chief donkey, and she kindly gave everyone one of them a little ride around the pen; lured by food of course! After that they headed to the garden to see all the vegetables we are growing on the farm and then each of them picked a leek to take home to their families! At the end of the day they all let off some steam and jumped around on the trampoline showing off their amazing summersaults! What's a great group of kids! Class 3 were a lovely team today. They all enjoyed meeting our two new fluffy additions to Casa Nostra... the rabbits! Genis was very gentle with them and did a good job of making sure they stayed safely in their pen. On the creative end of the day, everybody made their own christmas crackers, an English tradition that excited the children a lot! The contents included their own hand written joke; hand made paper hat, a tasty sweetie and secret ingredient that makes them BANG when pulled. Paula was well on task and created 2, neat little crackers. 1 to show off in our Christmas show and the other to pull with mum or dad at home!

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