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New rabbits

Such a nice Saturday we have all had in la Granja Casa Nostra, it was sunny and we could enjoy all the outside activities a lot.

Class one started their day by coloring in activities, Ian and Martina were so good at it. They planted lettuces and then picked lettuces as well. They sang the song “twinkle twinkle little star” all together. They made very nice Christmas Cards. And at the end they learnt how to write reindeer. They met our new rabbits in Casa Nostra and loved them specially Sofía and Toni.

In class 2 they learnt how to write and say Christmas tree. They colored Christmas decorations and stuck it on their huge Christmas tree that they had it on the wall inside the classroom. They sang three songs and danced two of them.

In the classroom 3 they made crackers for the Christmas which were so nice. In the kitchen they made apple and cinnamon cupcakes and all the students participated in it and enjoyed it. Laura loved new rabbits in the farm. Paula did a very good job by singing the Christmas song.

Can’t wait to see you all on the next week.

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