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Collecting Celery

Saturday is always the fun day, we have all enjoyed a lot.

In class 1 they made a collage with autumn theme and they decorated a huge leaf from the Granja and everybody enjoyed it very much. Ian like always was good at coloring in. Sofia and Lila are really good friends and they do everything together, today were both really good at backing. Lluc was good at reading books and Arnau was really nice with animals.

Class 2 also had a collage with autumn theme using leaves from the Granja, they used stamps with autumn colors and they all have had fun. Marc was really good at asking more water in the garden. And Berta finished all her worksheets.

Class 3 played scavenger hunt and we could see them all around the farm looking for brand new information, they all enjoyed it and the boys found everything and obviously won it. Girls were so good in feeding and brushing Perla and Estrella. They also did word search which was so much fun. Let’s say something about Carla the new student, she is nice and liked Casa nostra so far.

Have a good weekend everybody and see you soon in the farm.

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