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Exploring outdoors

It's been a lovely day of autumnal exploring and birthday celebrations at Casa Nostra!

Class one walked every corner of the garden; identifying all the nature around. Arnau was spot on as they all matched the words of flowers, grass, leafs etc... with the real thing in the classroom beforehand! Everyone enjoyed having a good whiff of the flowers that the teacher brought, and shouted the word when they recognised them in the ground! Good job guys! Ian so neatly followed the dots to form the words that they learnt during their garden forage, an incredibly steady hand Ian! In class 2 they also spent some time rummaging through the garden this morning! Aneu was most successful during the hunt; collecting pine cones and leaves of all different colours! All of the class learnt how to write the word for the season 'Autumn', and followed up with a picture and vocabularly matching activity, which everyone; particularly Bernat, did fantastically... having found all the natural objects by themselves in garden. Class 3 was a Pau party this morning! Everyone kindly made Pau a birthday card, and the birthday boy fixed himself a crown for the occasion which the team helped to decorate. The party continued and the girls baked a yummy chocolate cake, it looked delicious! In the garden, Alan found the biggest swiss chard; he could barely carry it! To finish the day the class made a start on the christmas scripts, now that halloween has passed, the festivities are in sight!

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