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Animal masks

With a skip and a jump the children arrived back for another week of farm school activities! This week we are continuing learning all about the animals we have here on the farm. Class one are learning all about our farm animal, the sheep! They made some beautiful pieces of art using cotton wool to make some fluffy sheep and teacher Antonia was particularly impressed with the work of Eric Perez! During story time, Antonia noticed that Jan and Gael were concentrating super hard whilst she was reading. Listening to every word. Very good boys! Aran was a big help today as she assigned herself to be a teaching assistant and along with her Dad who has been the class photographer they make an awesome team! Twins Jan and Noah were like professionals in the kitchen today, bakers in the making. Everyone got to take home a yummy homemade chocolate pizza! In class two we welcomed a lovely new member Janna, who was very attentive and participated in all the activities. All the girls finished their farm animal masks and wore them with their teacher Jo while singing and dancing along to 'Old Macdonald had a farm' At the end of the day we all went and said hello to the goats and fed them some lovely green grass! Bruna was so confident and enjoyed every moment! Egle welcomed a new class member today as well. Welcome Pau! And already he is top of the class! Well done. Today the class all discussed the different traits of animals and discovered that Elephants can paint! Wow! In the vegetable garden all the children helped plant some cauliflower and then they picked a crispy green lettuce to take home!

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