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Knick Knack Paddy Whack

Music is good for the soul. It's also great for learning, dancing, singing and making new friends at Casa Nostra. Teachers Eleanor and Egle have been keen to use music week to brush up on some of our English skills. Asking their class to recite their favourite English song lyric (or sing if they're brave enough). Everyone then chatted about who their favourite musician was and why. Sadly it was more Bieber than Beethoven! Teacher Jo has been using her textile skills to help her children learn. Her class skilfully made their own music using; paper, elastic bands and lollipop sticks, resulting in a high quality harmonica that everyone can take home. Apologies to the parents! Teachers Ariana and Antonia have been helping the youngest children to create music too. Today they made their own maracas. We shook them to the beat, we shook them on the street and we'll be shaking them all the way home. Our favourite song to sing them to is "Knick Knack Paddy Whack" which we hope everyone sings at home too. We can't wait to see how music week ends, maybe we'll form the new Jackson 5, or sing along to Frozen. But one thing's for sure- we'll end it in style and talking in perfect English!

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