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Music week

This week at Casa Nostra our theme is Music, and boy oh boy are we ready to sing, dance, and move to the groove!

Class 1 began their day introducing the music theme by learning new vocabulary such as piano, musical notes, drum, trumpet, xylophone, and guitar. The children especially liked the word xylophone. Maybe if they're lucky they will get to make their own xylophone later this week! Next they read the book, 'Knick Knack Paddy Whack' and sung along to the CD. They had so much fun, that after they made their sweet pizza dough, they did some musical note face painting. What a day!

Class 2 began their day learning new vocabulary, but also learned how to spell and write the words. Next, they tested their artisitic abilities with an art lesson. They created masterpiece still life drawings of their favorite instrament. Afterwards, they read 'Music is for Everyone' and ended their day singing '5 Little Monkeys.'

Class 3 started their day with a word search. Next, they completed a worksheet where they filled in the missing words to songs they listened to. It was a struggle, but everyone did great! Lastly, they watched a short clip about music and had to write 2 sentences about it. A few children wrote brilliant sentences. What an intelligent class!

We hope everyone enjoyed their first day of Music week and we will see you tomorrow!

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