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Rainbow fish

Thursday was a great day at farm school. Group 1 were busy bees creating lots of rainbow fish collages and personalised name anchors. Their favourite song this week is 'I'm a Fish' and their favourite book is 'Commotion In The Ocean'. Some of the more adventurous children, including Lucas, Bernat, Albert and Eric, climbed up the rock climbing wall to the top of the library and slid back down the fireman's pole, with the help of some of the older children.

The middle group did lots of fun learning with letters today. They identified lots of sea and animals and the letter that starts their name. They have been learning how to sing '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive' this week and we hope to have everyone in the class word perfect by the end of the week.

The big group did a lot of Sea and Ocean related class work today. They learnt all about the water cycle, waves and currents and lots of English vocabulary. They worked so hard in the morning that they were able to do some karaoke in the afternoon which they enjoyed a lot.

Pool time was very busy today as the weather was hot, everyone had lots of fun splashing around cooling off. The children picked some tomatoes, some will have brought theirs home, and there were plenty of donkey rides enjoyed too. Another great day at farm school with a tray of flapjacks that the children made to finish the day off!

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