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London buses

Today was the last day of countries week, we had so much fun and travelled all around the world by learning different things about different countries. The youngest group made London buses movable wheels and they drove them around London. The middle class made paper dolls of the world bunting, they dressed up their dolls with the traditional cloths of each country, they learnt what’s the flag of each country and what’s the typical food of that place. The oldest ones had a quiz and the “super big goats” won the quiz. They also finished their project “my country study” which was about culture, politic, and geography, they presented very nice in the class.

In collective all groups visited our animals and rode “Perla” and “Violeta”, we went to vegetable garden and picked onions, pepper and tomatoes. We swam in the swimming pool although it was a little bit cold. We made very delicious chocolate chip cupcakes for snack.

Countries week finished and everybody just landed home.

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