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Chocolate volcanoes

In the garden, at farm school today, there was a lot busy helpers. Jan helped immediately with watering the fruits and vegetables with a watering can. The rest of his group collected some garlic which has a good strong smell, they collected the courgettes and they picked some ripe peaches from the fruit trees. As soon as, they had finished in the garden they paid a visit to see the animals. Perla was kind enough to let some of the children ride on her back, there were so many eggs collected that there was nearly not enough room in the basket for them all.

The older children went straight to the kitchen to make their chocolate volcanoes. Everyone had a go at cracking an egg. Marc was able to separate the egg yolk expertly. Everyone had a go at trying out their chef skills with whisking the egg with the sugar. A minute was the time to beat we all counted down from ten. It was a bit tiring! Everyone then had a go at folding the flour into the egg mixture. When they had finished they went to the garden to collect their share of courgettes, garlic and peaches. Everyone watered the fruits and vegetables also.

When the younger children had finished seeing the animals, they went to the kitchen to make their chocolate brownies. Everyone had a go at measuring and adding the ingredients. Then the younger children went to the school room to make their amazingly colourful fish pictures. They used lots of colourful paper and material to make their fish look wonderful.

The older group saw the chickens and gave them some feed and had a good go at climbing the tree to practise their balance and acrobatic skills. They then visited the goats. After that they went to the school room to create their beautifully patterned zentangles. Towards the end of farm school, everyone tried out what they had baked the lovely chocolate volcanoes and brownies.

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