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Today at farm school the group of the little ones began the day by harvesting potatoes and they filled a huge barrow with beautiful golden potatoes. The older group went to feed the animals and chickens. Alex, Judit and Txell got to ride Perla. And after they decided to give a refreshing bath to Valentin and the ponies. Valentin enjoyed being taken care of and have his fur brushed by Alex and Siobhan. While the older group fed the goats and sheep the little ones continued with their activities of singing and dancing to Disney songs.

After breakfast the little group continued to feed the animals with the cabbages they picked from the garden and cooked some delicious chocolate pancakes. The group of the older children went to the vegetable garden and picked some lettuce and after they did posters of their favorite countries. The older group made some delicious vanilla cookies and Gina did a brilliant job decorating them. We all ended the day by playing on the trampoline and enjoying the cookies.

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