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Scavenger hunt

We had beautiful day at farm school today. The older children collected as many eggs as they could and they filled a whole basketful. Txell and Aneu had turns riding on Perla together, while some of the group experienced picking up the chicken for the first time.

After they had their breakfast, they went to the vegetable garden to water the crops and they did a brilliant job at collecting a lot of potatoes that were buried deep in the soil. It was fun to discover a new hidden potato every time. They walked back to the house with their treasure.

The older group then split up to make friendship bracelets and scratch rainbow pictures. The rainbow pictures turned out very pretty and the bracelets looked very fashionable.

Siobhan played some guitar, she played Aneu’s favourite song ‘Alice the Camel’ and ‘ Five Little ducks’. After we ate our lunch, the older children went back to collect some of the big artichokes. David and Alejandro spotted the hugest artichoke. Arnau, Orion and Ramon helped carry the artichokes.

Then the older children went on a scavenger hunt to find some items on a list. Both teams did really well to find the different objects on the list. This proved so popular that both teams wanted to do another scavenger hunt. They also, created some magnificent bookmarks. Jana and Sara’s bookmarks looked like brilliant works of art.

Finally, everyone poured the ingredients into the mixer and took turns to scoop the batter to make their biscuits. While the biscuits were baking in the oven, we all sang a happy birthday to Jordi whose birthday is today.

Friday was a fun-filled day for our young learners! We started in the garden where we harvested artichokes and potatoes. After the garden we had a small snack before starting our group activity, making snails (like the ones we see on the farm) with paper and markers. After our snails were finished, we played together on the trampoline before eating lunch. After lunch, we played outside more and then it was time for a story with Dalton! After story time, our young ones baked pancakes and played more in the green space before it was time to go.

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