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Chocolate pancakes

Spring is in full swing at the farm school! Today's weather was full of both sunshine and showers. Our older group began their afternoon with the animals and helped feed the chickens and the goats. When they finished, they played "the world" card game together. After their game, the older group baked vanilla sugar cookies. While the cookies baked, the older students danced and sang to karaoke together before it was time to go home.

Today's word of the day was "teamwork" for the young ones! Our team of young learned started together in the garden where they helped each other water the plants and planted a few watermelons! Nil was especially helpful to the others with both filling up cans and helping plant the melons. After the garden, our young team took turns mixing ingredients to make chocolate pancakes. We took the finished pancakes to the patio, where Dalton read "After the Storm" while everyone enjoyed their snack. After story time, we finished the afternoon by making snail cards together while listening to the piano!

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